26 mi. 41 mi. 73 mi. définitif routes

10:30 am Sunday, October 25, SR2020 ⁄ Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina


We’ve specifically reserved 30 slots for women racing gravel on Sunday, October 25, SR2020 → 73 or 41 or 26 mile routes. Additionally, these 30 recruits become eligible for 50 percent off their registration fees. Please contact vin@28avg.com about starting Saluda Roubaix 2020

US Military Endurance Sports

28AVG nonprofit dedicates Saluda Roubaix to annually benefit US Military Endurance Sports and will 100 percent give all proceeds to USMES #100percentgive #100percentgusto

100 percent fotos – Icon Media Asheville – Steve Barker

Sunday, October 25, 10:30 AM — sign up $7.00 increase starts October 1

SR2020 promoteurs

SR70 route ⁄ recon ⁄ support ⁄ USAC Mechanic

SR70 route ⁄ recon ⁄ support ⁄ UNPULL Manager

La vitesse sur le gravier. Although admirable, it is expected.


SR2020 unlimited maximum support