70 mi. 40mi. liberté sur le gravier

10:30 and 10:33 AM Sunday, March 28, SR21 ⁄ Saluda, South Carolina

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20 slots specifically reserved for women racing gravel on Sunday, March 28, SR21 — 40 or 70 mile liberté routes Additionally, these 20 recruits become eligible for 50 percent off their registration fees — contact vin@28avg.com about your SR21 start

US Military Endurance Sports

28AVG nonprofit dedicates Saluda Roubaix to annually benefit US Military Endurance Sports and will 100 percent give all proceeds to USMES #100percentgive #100percentgusto

100 percent fotos – Icon Media Asheville – Steve Barker

Sign up Sunday, March 28, 8:00 to 10:00 AM or register early on BikeReg.com

SR21 promoteurs

Tim Wellborn
SR support — a power that be

Vince McCall
SR support — master of time and distance

La vitesse sur le gravier. Although admirable, it is expected.


SR21 unlimited maximum support